Farm and Home Museums

For many years it had been hoped that someday a permanent museum could be established at Prairie Land to show off some of the smaller household and farming items that had been collected over the years. This dream started to become a reality in the winter of 1994. It was then decided that a museum of farm and home items should be put on display in the east half of the office building.

The south half of the museum was constructed that first year. Lumber that was cut at the sawmill on the grounds was used for the walls. Under the careful watch of Jeri Jo Lair, many volunteers helped to bring this new museum to life.

An automotive section was constructed in the center. This section included a kitchen, parlor and a miscellaneous section. Many members donated or loaned items to make this look like a real old time farm house. Churns, wash tubs, cream separators, a wood stove and many other items made the kitchen area look authentic. The parlor area included a stove for warming cold toes and a quilt rack with a quilt in progress for keeping busy on those long winter nights.

On the west end, a veterinarian’s office was constructed. Many of the items in the vet’s office area were donated by Dr. W. E. Hopkins, D.V.M., a retired veterinarian from the Greenfield area. This area includes many items used in the cares of many types of farm animals.

In 1955, members completed the north side of the museum. Many members donated lumber and time and the walls were soon completed. On this side of the museum you can see various types of farm equipment ranging from horse drawn equipment ranging from horse drawn equipment to a John Deere GP tractor complete with a mounted corn planter. Shelves were built to show some of the smaller pieces of equipment such as walking plows, while some larger pieces are displayed on the floor.

The garage area was revamped a little in 1995 with a Model T converted tractor being placed on permanent display along with a Shell gas pump and antique license plates. In the home section, we have put up a bedroom and the kitchen and parlor areas have been revised to include many new items.

In 1997 more sites were added. There is a beautiful piano in the parlor, a Ladies Dress Shop, the latest kitchen appliances a doctor’s office and a section devoted to the Veterans of our wars.

Contributed by Linda Berry