Flea Market & Crafts
Lori Hanson, 217-823-9107
Charlie & Linda Cousin, 217-638-7434

Old Time Crafts
Janet Smith, 217-245-4643

Gas Engines
Norman Werts, 217-248-1038
Richard Hembrough, 217-673-3046

Antique Tractors
Dale Lair, 217-473-2518

Antique Tractor Pull
Ross Melhouse, 309-224-3754

Horse Pull
Larry Derricks, 217-370-7007

Camp Grounds
Hank Pool, 217-473-7431

Show Chairman
Hank Pool, 217-473-7431

Show Assistant Chairmen
Dale Lair, 217-473-2518
Dennis Roberts, 217-371-1159
Bob Todd, 217-371-2772

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  1. have you had any monthly meetings where you maybe could consider the donation of the Worrall Family Baby Buggy I sent in information about this last year sometime and I have never heard back from anyone I would be glad to send it again if you can tell me where to send it to. I have pictures and a ride up all made up


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